The New Auction

Traditionally, residential property auctions have been perceived to be highly pressured, somewhat mysterious events, primarily serving the needs of bargain hunters and investment opportunists. And, more often than not, these properties are in a state of ‘distress’. Certainly not ideally suited to the joys of house-hunting for your dream home, as we know them.

But does it necessarily have to stay like this? Can the central premise of a property auction – with starting prices below market value – not be evolved to provide more serious home buyers with easier access to high quality properties, whilst still offering the opportunity of exceptional value? All this without being daunted by a physical auction room…or, indeed, too pressurised timing?

We believe it can.

Welcome to Pam Golding Auctions, making property auctions easier and more accessible to home buyers, with the added promise of more-than-just-competitive pricing.

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‘find, tap, sold’… easy

Pam Golding Auctions offers you, as a buyer, unique property opportunities as a result of being “on sale” for a limited window of time only. So, yes, whilst there is some urgency, we’ve designed the process to represent the best of both worlds…giving you the time you need to ensure you are making the right decision, coupled with the price advantage associated with the auction process. Through leveraging the latest technology, combined with an innovative sales strategy, this allows us to deliver you convenient access to property at extremely competitive prices, sometimes even below market-related levels, with absolute ease and efficiency.

No historical auction stresses…or needing nerves of steel to bid at a physical event. Buying your dream property is now as easy as a few ‘taps’ on your mobile phone or laptop. All the benefits of an auction… but without the risk and hassle and always with our specialist Pam Golding Auctions team on standby to assist you with your every need. It’s what we like to call “people powered technology”.

This innovative sales platform is enabled by Offr, a unique Offer Processing Engine, delivering a full suite of seamless services that has been designed so as to allow you, as a Buyer, to experience a smooth and rewarding end-to-end property transaction, including both pre-auction offers and auction bidding.

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Pam Golding Auctions offers you a fully dedicated and specialist service division, focussed single-mindedly on your needs as a buyer throughout the process, from first contact to final signature.

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